For the owners who take the time and trouble to get elected to the board of directors of an association, like any other job, it does require education and training. Unfortunately, too many people take on this responsibility without learning what the job entails.

People who serve as directors may get on the board with certain expectations and goals they would like to accomplish, but it is important to do the necessary homework to become a competent and contributing member. Sometimes it is better to keep a seat vacant than to appoint or elect someone who does not even do the bare minimum, such as become acquainted with the legal documents governing the association and the responsibilities of the board. Far too many associations are run by people whose motives are honorable, but because of the lack of knowledge, experience and training, their meetings and sometimes their entire administration, is a disaster.

Membership on a board of directors is a serious responsibility and should not be taken lightly. New directors should learn that they need to attend all meetings, review the materials in advance, pay attention to what is going on around them, ask questions and work through established procedures to efficiently operate the association and effect change where needed.

They should also know that they are not the chosen representative of a faction or single issue focus group and their duty and allegiance is to the entire association.

By fulfilling the basic primer listed in NorthPoint’s Condo & Homeowner Board Member Handbook (pg. 27-30), meetings can run smoothly and efficiently and thus will make serving on the board a more rewarding experience, as well as provide the association with the guidance and leadership it needs.

Community Associations Institute Board Leadership Development Workshop:


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