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North Point continually invests in technology and products so that we can offer the best management services available to community associations. Each year we felt valued-added benefits for community associations that we serve. We accomplish this by listening tour client communities and investing in the tools and resources that help make a difference. We believe our staff and management services can provide a number of value-added benefits to your community the North Point difference includes:

Community Web Portal We provide each client with the community web portal as part of our basic management services. The community web portal provides all homeowners with the ability to log in and directly access, in real time, their account balance history, rules infraction history and status of work orders. It also provides many features in tools that can help boards to more conveniently meet their responsibilities and homeowners to be better informed.

Effective Management Information Systems We deliver a strong “tool box” of management information systems to assist with the management of communities. Our accounting system provides monthly financial reports that are easy to understand, comprehensive and concise. Our collection procedures prompt payments before legal action is necessary and a homeowner incurs any cost. Our service request reporting system allows you to track work in your community by the type of work, unit and period in time. Our attention to detail runs the gamut from people, pets, and parking. The cash flow management, investment strategies, and long-term capital plans.

You Have Communication and Control:

  • You decide all timing criteria and dollar amount threshold
  • You approve bills before they get paid-ability to view, scanned images of your actual bills and approve them over the Internet
  • You receive monthly financial reports with the reconcile bank statements via e-mail


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