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North Point was established with the primary goal of providing a higher standard of management. We strive to accomplish this objective by having a professional staff that exceeds the industry standard in terms of experience and commitment. North Point invests in our staff by supporting their continued professional development through continuing education offered by the Community Associations Institute (CAI).

North Point is also committed to the use of state-of-the-art technology in meeting our core values of communication, openness, and providing the highest level of service to the Board and unit owners. Through our website, unit owners have access to their financial and maintenance records at any time. Our technology also provides Board members with round-the-clock access to the unlimited financial records of the association.

North Point understands that the investments we make in our staff and technology are two of the primary factors that set us apart and allows us to form a partnership that truly “fits” with your community.

North Point is engaged by most clients to provide “full-service” management. We will, however, customize a program for you, which, depending on your needs, might include comprehensive operational management, financial services only, “a la carte” services or specialized consulting.

Our approach to community management is to provide substantive and comprehensive management support the board leadership in order for the board to accomplish its objectives. We assist boards in two general ways:
1. We provide professional analysis advice on community problems and challenges
2. We efficiently execute the boards’ action plans.

We assist boards to successfully govern their communities by:

  • Proposing clear, detailed budgets and capital reserve plans.
  • Establishing responsive maintenance.
  • Recommending enforceable rules.
  • Installing accounting controls and improved the integrity and quality of financial reporting.


Included in our basic management services are:

Community Web Portal- We provide each client with the community web portal as part of our basic management services. The community web portal provides all homeowners with the ability to log in and directly access, in real time, their account balance history, rules infraction history and status of work orders. It also provides many features in tools that can help boards to more conveniently meet their responsibilities and homeowners to be better informed.

Cost-Savings Opportunities- Communities are being challenged to control expenses. We offer extensive experience and resources to help boards take prudent action to help control costs. We leverage our size, experience and extensive vendor relationships to contain and, in many cases, reduce your association’s expenses. We’ve had success in reducing insurance premiums and minimizing losses. We have guided communities in generating income from sources other than common charges.

Effective Management Information Systems- We deliver a strong “tool box” of management information systems tell boards manager communities. Our accounting system provides monthly financial reports that are easy to understand, comprehensive, and concise. Our collection procedures prompt payments before legal action is necessary and a homeowner incurs any cost. Our service request reporting system allows you to track work in your community by the type of work, unit and period in time. Our attention to detail runs the gamut from people, pets and parking. The cash flow management, investment strategies and long-term capital plans.

Board Training- We offer free board training annually to all client board members! Topics typically include: how to better understand and monitor financial statements; strategies to best navigate your community through economic downturn; how to best utilize your community web portals as beneficial tools for your board and community.


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