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North Point is a unique company in the association management industry. We have been successful, and have grown over the years, by virtue of our unique posture as specialists in an industry where most companies look alike. Quite simply, North Point has only one purpose and that is providing quality association management services.

North Point does not try to put all of our clients into neat little management service packages. Every account is unique and is treated as such. Each management program is specifically designed for the unique circumstances that exist within every client.

North Point considers every client a partner. As we go forward, our goal is to build a relationship based on trust and confidence. We believe firmly that “we are a quality driven company with a commitment to client satisfaction.”

We Believe…

  • Each day we make it our goal to deliver exceptional quality and service.
  • Each day we strive to be better than the day before.
  • Each day we give our customers 100% and prove the value of our service.
  • Each day we work to earn your trust.
  • Each day we work with passion and listen to the needs of our client associations.

Operating Values

  1. Customers Define Quality… The customer is the most important judge of the quality of a product or process. Therefore, we gauge the success of a product, service, or internal process based on how well it works for the customer.
  2. Integrity Without Compromise… means more to us than simply providing transparency in the work we perform for each Association. It means we are completely forthright in all our dealings. We provide guidance and recommendations for the specific issues being confronted by each Association based on our experience and knowledge, not on what people want to hear.
  3. Do Right by All Our Clients… An important word in this phrase is all – it includes every relationship at North Point. We treat each other, our business partners, and each Association vendor with the same care and respect with which we treat our Associations.
  4. It’s the People… In fact, people are so important that the primary job of each department manager is to help others to be more effective in their jobs and to help them grow and develop at North Point to provide a higher level of management services to our client Associations.
  5. Seek the Best… We work diligently to find the best people to hire and the best ideas to adopt, and we base our decisions on facts.       While all decisions involve some judgment, we make all decisions based on the facts provided and with the overall goal of benefitting our client Associations.
  6. Continually Improve Processes… How do we know that a process needs improving? The answer is, it always does. We have two functions: doing the daily work and improving the process we use.
  7. Speak, Listen and Respond… At North Point, we all have the responsibility to speak up. When we do, we deserve an open ear and a thoughtful response. Without open communication, ideas get lost, needed improvements aren’t made, and people get frustrated.       Speaking up does not mean just talking openly with your manager. When you have an idea or concern, the right thing to do is to talk to the person who’s best able to act on it, no matter what role that person has in the company or what department is involved. Department Managers at North Point have a responsibility to create an environment that encourages people to speak openly.


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