Most governing documents for associations provide for the use of committees in order to assist the board of directors in the administration and operation of the association.

By not utilizing committees in delegating the workload, a board is probably looking at a very high “burnout” rate for its directors. Therefore, a board should make every effort to implement an effective committee system. Use of committees serves a number of purposes in the efficient operation of an association:

– An effective method of involving a multitude of people in the association
– A good training experience to groom future board members
– A means of utilizing the special talents of board members and other members of the community; i.e., finance committee, maintenance committee, etc.
– Get commitments from interested and active members who do not desire nor have the necessary time to commit to board obligations
– The best way to delegate and spread some of the workload so that a board is not overwhelmed

The board can appoint a committee chairperson, who can then select the members of the committee from a pool of interested members.



Condo & Homeowner Board Member Handbook ‘A Guide for Association Leaders’

Community Housing Association “Officer” Definition New Hampshire Condominium Act:



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